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Music is a business... But, mainly an art form. Back in 2002, Ryan Ochs and Bill Scott came together to form Van Nuys Music Corporation. Tired of mainstream music with no originality, they developed the music that its members wanted to hear. After 6 years of fine tuning their distinctive music, VNMC moved to Los Angeles and made the debut EP "Chart Topping Hits." After completing the EP it was time to form the band, since Bill and Ryan couldn’t go out and play the shows by themselves. They went searching for members and recruited a long time fellow Berklee friend, Alex Rentumis, to assume bass duties and found a more recent Berklee graduate, while attending a local LA function, Enrique Lara, to take over drumming duties so Ryan could sing and play guitar.

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With the newly formed band, VNMC began hitting the LA scene playing shows at Crane’s Tavern, Busby’s and L Scorpion. During this time it was obvious the band had outgrown the sound and style of “Chart Topping Hits” and it was time to make a new full-length record.

Bill and Ryan grabbed their guitars and notebooks and began creating the future of VNMC. With help from their band mates, Alex and Enrique, the real incarnation of Van Nuys Music Corporation was born. Of course no road is easily traveled and due to personal issues, Alex had to leave California and go back to Massachusetts. Putting this problem aside, production for the new record began in May 2010. VNMC called in some favors and were able to track the drums at the world famous Henson Recording studios. With help from friends and a lot of work, VNMC’s full length, “The Mighty Giants of Shred-Pop” was ready for consumption by the masses. Now ready to play shows again, VNMC added their close friend, Jared Swaney, to the mix to take the reins on the bass. VNMC played a few warm up shows in LA to get ready for their CD release show at The Viper Room. With their live show bringing a new standard for other bands to follow, VNMC shredded faces off for their CD release.

“The Mighty Giants of Shred-Pop” has a sound all its own by combining 70’s Prog-Rock with Modern Rock and hints of 90’s Grunge. Lyrically Bill and Ryan attack real world issues, along with personal struggles, ranging from corporate greed to human responsibility, women being stalked on the Internet, dealing with the struggles of everyday life while trying to be an artist and of course the age old favorite song topic, love. The Giants have finally emerged with their first full-length album and deliver with solid grooves, precise musicianship and real messages for an ever-increasing un-real world. Behold The Mighty Giants of Shred-Pop!!!

- VNMC - The Band


Enrique Lara grew up in La Paz, Bolivia and became a busy musician at an early age of 15 playing in multiple projects ranging from Jazz, Bolivian Folk, Funk and Rock. In 2005 he moved to the US to study at Berklee College of Music to hone his craft and later went on to pursue his career as a session and live drummer in Los Angeles.

In 2008, Enrique met the "Van Nuys Music Corporation" CEO and CFO at a Berklee alumni event and has been rocking unstoppably since.

Enrique's website:

Originally from Virginia, Ryan Ochs started playing with Bill Scott at Berklee College of Music in 2002, and they have been writing songs together ever since. He went to Berklee for Percussion, but he now plays Rhythm Guitar and Sings for Van Nuys Music Corporation. He continues to play drums for session and live performances in Los Angeles. If you like what you hear, contact:

He also manufactures websites for a wide range of clients including but not limited to: film composing websites to tennis instruction websites, which you can find at:

Bill Scott has been working as a professional musician since the age of 12. Over the last 15 years he has proven himself to be an accomplished guitarist, producer, engineer and songwriter. While most people, especially in LA, claim to be all these things, Bill is all these things and never claims to be. Music and creation is his primary focus, and he takes on any job necessary to see the end result of an amaziing project. With a long list of credits and a known street credibility of being a real worker and artist, Bill continues to demonstrate his passion in VNMC.

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From California's Central Valley, a young Chris Wiebe cursed piano lessons for about eight months before fleeing to the drums, which better suited his natural tendency to hit things. Playing in numerous bands over 20 years turned Chris into a multi-instrumentalist, eager to jump on whatever instrument was needed at the time. He joins VNMC on his favorite instrument, bass guitar. Currently Chris also fronts the band Charlie Played Cello and plays drums for Talons of Peace. 


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